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2019 Community Champion

Continuing our initiative from last year, helping local people & groups further their good work; we are delighted to announce that our Community Champion is the Outcry Theatre Company.

Based in nearby Colne, they are a small, independent arts organisation who work alongside community events and shows whilst producing their own work in local theatres and other spaces.

Their aim is to be an inclusive theatre company and welcome people of all abilities regardless of background, ethnicity, race, religion, gender or any other factor with the ethic of contributing positively to local arts and where possible, give back to the community. They have also recently set up the Outcry Junior Theatre Company.

The group are entirely self funded and have spent two years raising enough money to put on their first complete play.

Our help will go towards buying uniform and costumes for juniors and seniors and enabling them to put on a big show next summer.

The group will be at all of our events with more information and demonstrations of what they get up to.

You can find out more about the group on facebook or on their instagram @outcrytheatrecompany

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