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We are so pleased to be able to announce that headlining this year's Pendle Powerfest will be Crash CRASH is a 6 piece pop / rock party band lead by two astoundingly talented female singers.

Founded in Lancashire in 2013 the band has recently undergone sweeping changes to hone an already superb dynamic, producing now what can only be described as 'doing exactly what it says on the tin'.

With Paul on guitar, Ryan on drums, Chris on bass, Steve on keys and Siobhan and Rachel leading the vocals, there doesn't seem to be much ground that Crash doesn't cover musically.

They're collecting rave reviews and new fans wherever they go with new avenues and possibilities emerging every day.

Playing classics from the 60’s through to current and adding a unique twist, they're a breath of fresh air where sexy, uber-cool meets mastery-of-the-craft to produce pure showmanship.

Revved up and edgy, full of energy, Crash KNOW how to rock a party!

They will also be appearing on Lewis Baxter's show on Ribble FM on Saturday 15th April.

Want a taster? Video and Audio available on YouTube and SoundCloud

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