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Prancing Horse Presence

Joining the show are two very different takes on the magic of Maranello.

On the left is a Group B spec Ferrari 308 GTB and the right is an SD500 based on a 1956 Ferrari 750 Monza or 500 Mondial.

The SD500 has been recently purchased by the owner and is a faithful recreation of the original right down to the exhaust note! With a spaceframe and fibreglass body the car has been painstakingly recreated to as near perfect as possible.

The 308 is rather special as has the claim to fame of being the only right-hand-drive Group B 308 GTB in existence. The base engine is the 308’s 3.0-litre flat-plane-crank V8, but the heads are designed by the owner Worswick Engineering. The top end is designed to be as close as possible to a Cosworth DFV’s. It revs to 7500rpm and makes 450bhp, weighing just 970kg. A comprehensive roll cage keeps things rigid, but the panels are carbonfibre at the front and kevlar-carbon. The 308 GTB is also bringing another one along so Ferrari fans will be spoilt for choice!

You can read more about the car here when Autocar took it for a spin

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