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Grassroots Motorsport Display

Grassroots Motorsport Presentation - Get into Motorsport! In a joint effort from Go Motorsport, Accrington Motorsport Club, Clitheroe and District Motor Club and The U17mc-northwest will be a presentation of a range of vehicles from our local grassroots clubs. Knowledgeable members from all the clubs will be on hand to tell you all about how to get into motorsport with a very low budget and from a young age! At the other end of motorsport from our £1m MG-Lola Le Mans Car they compete in Autosolos and Autotests in the local area. The U17's club accept people between the age of 12 and 17 and has evolved since 2010 with several partners working together for a common goal - to help educate young riders & drivers through Motorsport.Development of more opportunities at Motorsport events has now removed the barriers to young drivers and they have several disciplines available. So make sure you say hello at the show and who knows, it could kick start a whole new passion! More information can be found on their websites

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