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Blind Land Speed Record Holder Mike Newman

Mike being interviewed on Good Morning Britain

Mike Newman - 6 Times Guiness World record holder will be at the show with his charity Speed Of Sight. More info below..

About Mike


Our founder is Mike Newman, 6 times Guinness World Record holder. Mike is the fastest blind man on the planet. Formally a bank manager, Mike broke his first land speed record on a motorbike, going on to achieve three world land speed records in a car and more recently achieving the water speed record. In 2011 he gained a world acrobatic record, flying the most consecutive loop-de-loops.

About Speed of Sight


Speed Of Sight is an organisation committed to the promotion of opportunity for all.

We at Speed Of Sight believe that people who are able to take part in a sporting or physical activity find that it helps with their self-esteem, social interaction and physical and mental wellbeing.

With this in mind Speed Of Sight , inspired by one of its team members, Mike Newman the multiple blind land speed record breaker, has come together to provide a new experience for people with disabilities, in the form of motor sport.

After five years in the planning, Speed Of Sight have had their first race car designed and built, which allows people with disabilities to enjoy the excitement and thrill of driving around a race track. Our first track car, named Usher, after team member Mike Newman's first Guide Dog, is going to be the first of ten cars especially designed with dual controls, twin steering wheels, hand controls and a hoist to enable people to get in and out. Moving forward as more of the cars come on stream, we will be looking to offer track days for people nationwide.

In addition to our track day experience we are considering the possibility of creating an off road event, again with the focus on disabilities. More information about this activity will be released when available.

Speed Of Sight recognise that as well as providing the aforementioned events, it is important to promote positive awareness around disability and with this in mind Speed Of Sight have devised activities, that whilst being a great group exercise and fantastic fun, shows a brief insight into life without one of the senses. These physical activities will continue to grow and develop. We have also produced an awareness presentation, which we will be delivering to community groups and corporate organisations

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