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vehicle BOOKING

Whatever you drive, we want to see it!

Sunday 24th May, 10am-3pm

Nelson & Colne College, BB9 7YT

At Pendle Powerfest we love to celebrate the diversity of vehicles people are in to, so we take the approach that if you love it, then the chances are someone else will too.

We aim to keep the range on show as wide as possible.

The bulk of the displays are made up of Bikes and Cars but we welcome Military, Trucks and anything in between! 

Please read our rules and regulations carefully then scroll down to make your booking​​ to exhibit at the show.

Rules and Regulations

  • All Vehicles to be driven on to the site (with the exception of trailered/race vehicles) will have a valid MOT certificate and Insurance.

  • All cars/bikes that are showing can be on site from 7.30am and not after 9.30am displaying the vehicle pass/entry ticket in the windscreen. 

  • All engines must be switched off by 9.50am and not started again until the show is over at 3.00pm.

  • Exit gates will be closed and no vehicle movement will be possible without express ADVANCE permission.

  • Cars/Bikes will not be able to leave until the end of the show (unless for emergency which you would need to contact a member of the team)

  • No loud stereos to be played at any time during the show, no engine revving and no burnouts. If this happens you will be asked to leave and your details passed on to the police.

  • ​Disclaimer:- ​Owners park their cars/bikes completely at their own risk. Pendle Powerfest will not be held responsible for any damage caused by or suffered by the exhibitor.

All single vehicles £5

(Covers Driver and one passenger)

Our reasons for charging:

  • All the pre-book shows in the area work to the same policy.

  • Our layout is planned in advance so it works as a commitment from the owner to turn up and a commitment from us that there will be a space (and avoids any gaps)

  • A saving on payment on the gate as a visitor.

  • Makes a small contribution to our fundraising for charity.

Please note for Car Clubs please email for details of how to book.

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