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Local Car Club Member

May I just congratulate you all for a truly memorable day at March's Cars & Coffee.

The organisation and the turn out was remarkable. Well done.

Phillippa Chapman

Director of Operations at The Encephalitis Society

“We were thrilled – and honoured - to have been chosen as the official charity of Pendle Powerfest.

“It was a fantastic day all round. We had so many people come up to us and say that a family member, friend or even a neighbour had been affected by encephalitis and yet did not know that we existed.

“We even had a doctor tell us that he was treating a patient with encephalitis and would put them in touch with us - so the whole day could have a life-changing impact for a lot of people.”

Councillor Rosemary Carroll & Councillor Mohammed Iqbal

Mayor of Pendle & Leader of the Council

Rosemary: I was delighted to open this year’s Pendle Powerfest. It was a fantastic day which attracted people of all ages.

“It’s great to see high profile events like this taking place in the borough. They help us to put Pendle on the map as a premier visitor destination"
Councillor Iqbal:  "We were delighted to support this year’s event.

“Not only did it showcase some really interesting vehicles and bring lots of colour to the borough, it raised money for a fantastic cause!

“We’ll work with the organisers in the future so we can continue to highlight Pendle and all that it has to offer.”

"It’s a community event within the community, for the community"

Mike Newman

Speed of Sight Founder and Multiple World Record Holder

Great to be at Pendle Power Fest again this year and to see the exhibition growing from strength to strength.  We are grateful for the interest shown in our charity's work and look forward to to the contacts we have made getting in touch.  


Millenium Limosines, Middlesborough

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Pendle Powerfest as an exhibitor on Sunday. The turn out was amazing as was the weather. The love for our The Italian Job party coach was overwhelming and the queue to have a look inside was never ending. It was a fantastic day and a pleasure to be a part of.


Tesla Roadster Owner

Had fun and the sun shined. Great day out and people seemed to love the Tesla


Lamborghini Fan

Well what an amazing day!

Special enormous thanks to the peeps who organised Pendle PowerFest for the Encephalitis Trust today in the grounds of Nelson & Colne College, well done some awesome cars there.

You guys enabled me to fulfill a lifelong dream! Since being a small boy i've always loved the sleek beauty of the World's First Supercar, The Lamborghini Miura. Today I managed to blag a ride in one down the motorway. Tick that one off the bucket list!!

Truly awesome engine noise and not as uncomfortable as I expected for a 48 year old car! Bit awkward getting in and out and so low you could feel your ass touch the speed bumps. I doubt I will ever get another chance as most of these £1,000,000+ motors never see the open road. Huge thanks to the Lovely Jane Weitzmann for making an old man Very Happy! ;-)

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