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BMX Demo & Participation Announcement

Manny & Andy at the Pendle BMX Pump Track will be demonstrating what you can do with a BMX as well as setting up a course for children & adults to have a go on.

Below is a bit more information about the project, based in Barrowford and how to get involved;

The project is about getting an existing track refurbished to meet the needs of the community. We're looking to get the track completely revamped using modern building techniques and at the hands of DirtWorks BMX track builders who are at the forefront of their game.

There are many tracks in the UK, however in our area, we have to travel at least 25 miles to get to the nearest one, so we're in a bit of a BMX 'Blackspot'.

Their children race BMX and have nowhere to train and plus the more important thing is, the local kids are always getting told off for riding on the streets, so building this would be a focal point for all members of the community to come together. We're also looking into running training sessions once the track is built so people of all ages can come and get some valuable skills.

The more serious message behind this project is that it will save at least one kid's life, be it giving them focus, or steering them away from drink and drugs.

For that one life thats saved, it makes this project one that they are 100% behind.

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