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Spotlight on the LAMBORGHINI MIURA S

The very first ‘Supercar’ the Miura is considered the most beautiful car of all time by many. This is the "Twiggy" Miura S kindly supplied by JHW Classics.

JHW Classics takes great pride in collecting and preserving some of the greatest automobiles ever made. With a stock ranging from a BMW Isetta all the way up to a Lamborghini Miura S, there is a very good chance that JHW Classics will be able to provide you with the car you need. The cars are made available for the following uses:

- Television and Production

- Advertising

- Media publications

We regret that the collection is not available for private self-drive hire.

Unlike many similar providers, JHW Classics actually owns all the cars listed, so any availability requests, no matter how urgent, can be met with a speedy response.

Please contact us for more information about the cars and their availability.

If JHW Classics do not have the car you are after, we recommend you visit our excellent affiliate collection, Studio 434, who have a wide-ranging collection of vehicles spanning over 100 years!

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