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World Première of Lego Titanic II

We are very excited to announce that the World Premiere of Our Lego Artist's amazing Titanic II will be at Pendle Powerfest on the 24th May!! The 8.82 foot (1:100 scale model) Lego Titanic II has been carefully built for the purpose of attending events to help organisers raise that little bit extra for charity. Built with over 12 thousand pieces it has been carefully designed to make it as close as possible to a replica. It hasn't just been built with his bricks, kind people within the Lego Adult Fan of Lego Community on Facebook have also helped by trading and donating particular bricks to help the design get to where it is. It has some added extra's just to keep the smiles.

For the Lego enthusiasts Paul is also involved in The Manchester Brick Show on the 1st August in Stalybridge

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