inside bhp uk

BHP UK Exterior
Ssangyong Musso Race Series

I was invited along by the owner of BHP UK in Burnley to have a look at their new premises and learn a little bit more about what they do.

Their owner Qal is the driving force behind this well established ECU remapping specialist.  

BHP UK have over 20 years experience in the industry and their maps are available through a network of 170 dealers throughout the British Isles, with a few as far and wide as Lebanon and the USA. 


BHP are one of a handful of companies in the UK who specialise in bespoke remaps for all kinds of vehicles to increase their performance and often economy by tweaking the software in the vehicle’s ECU. No other parts are changed to make this difference and all changes are well inside the manufacturers tested limits. They have an in-house rolling road and dyno setup for testing and have won several industry awards for their products.


Remap prices are kept to very reasonable levels ranging from £250 up to £600.

Currently their record gain was on a BMW E90 325D with a gain of 80HP and 194Nm of Torque, purely from a software tweak. However with hardware modifications the sky is the limit.  

BHP UK will be bringing a BMW 335i fitted with their hybrid turbo package that makes 500bhp!


The company also works with large manufacturers and has been developing a Ssangyong Musso for the companies one make race series starting on the 13th May.
They will have one of these unusual racing machines on their stand this year.